Jul. 16th, 2011

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No one likely cares, but the Friday Night Lights finale was just about perfect. It made me realize how rare it is that a good show hits its ending exactly right. Rambling thoughts on the show )

But even loving FNL, I admit I didn't watch it religiously like I do SPN. But it stayed good and true to itself in a way I think SPN has lost. That makes me sad. I wish I had faith that SPN could end on such a high note, and I also own up to not wanting it to end, because even with the flaws that so often disappoint me now, I still love those Winchester boys and want to know more of their story.

As for Harry Potter, I haven't seen the last movie. I am very torn by the movies because I loved the books so much that the movies always disappoint. I like the cast, I think they are well done for the most part. But they just are empty shadows of the books for me. So I never get excited for them and can easily wait for a week or so, and sometimes even for the DVD.

I miss the excitement over a new HP book coming out though. Those I did get in the middle of the night and had to force myself not to read in one setting--just to make them last a little bit longer. And I still miss having a new book to read that I was looking forward to that much.


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