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I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate this weekend. May all your holiday wishes come true.

67 years

Dec. 7th, 2010 09:29 pm
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Tomorrow is my parents 67th wedding anniversary. They were married in 1943, the middle of WWII. They were both 21 and had known each other for 6 months. They met in Washington DC, my Dad was a Marine-assigned to the State Department/OSS and my Mom was working for the FBI. They are both from poor families, never finished college-the War started and all, and have lived full and fascinating lives.

My Dad isn't doing that great right now, he has had pneumonia and gotten pretty weak so is having to do rehab and physical therapy to be able to get around on his own again. He is able to be in a facility within the apartment complex where they are living, so Mom can spend lots of time with him every day. We are hoping he will get to come home soon, but he is old and has lots of things wrong with him.

I have never met anyone I could remotely imagine wanting to live with for 67 years. I am really lucky to have such great parents and role models. And really 67 years...I can't even.
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Thanksgiving is a pretty good idea for a holiday, Short historical rant, things I am thankful for )

I have lovely friends, in RL and those I have met through LJ. I also have pets that I love very much--even the Demon Dog who I cannot train to save my life. I can control 150 13-14 year old kids with a look, but one puppy (now a year and a half old) is beyond me.

There are lots of other things too, but those are the ones with the biggest impact on my life.

So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, whether it is a holiday you celebrate or not.
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As always, I am anxiously awaiting tonight's new episode. I just re-watched Family Matters from last week and I just have very mixed feelings. Not sure how much I liked it. I know I didn't hate it, and still maintain that this season overall is stronger than last year. I think I have to see how tonight furthers the story to decide about last week. Hoping, as always for shirtless boys, or at least some good Dean/Sam scenes.
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I always encourage everyone to vote on election day. Often in my very red state, it feels like a pointless exercise and that my vote is meaningless. It isn't. It is my privilege as an American to express my opinion and even when I know that no one I vote for will win anything, at least my displeasure with who is in power is counted.

And besides, I want to be able to complain about all the idiots my fellow Texans will leave me stuck with and embarrassed by for me with for the next few years.

And both Texas teams are losing tonight--not looking like a good week for us liberal Texans. And yes, there are quite a few of us.
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I still don't know what to say about "You Can't Handle the Truth." My overriding thought as I was watching again was what a great job Jensen and Jared are doing this season. My second thought was how much I was enjoying this season compared to last.
Somewhat incoherent spoilers may follow ) I want my cute, overly attached, and occasionally shirtless Winchesters back soon.


Oct. 29th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Was that the worst (as in upsetting) Supernatural ending ever? So unsettled. Not surprising with any reveal, just wow, sad, something. Must re-watch, but it may be worse the second time around.
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I can't believe how late I am to this party, but I am now addicted to soundtracks that go with my fave stories. I guess it started when I began downloading fics to my Kindle, and then could read anywhere often while listening to my Ipod. So... a request: What are the best story soundtracks? Or which ones do you love and recommend? I have found several, I am currently in love with the music for Apocalypse Z. I love humor, and also when the music really adds to the story. So any suggestions?
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On a totally boring and mundane note, I fixed my couch this morning! My demon dog broke two legs off months ago and I have been irritated by the rocking unsteady couch. Also the dog could move it since it was unsteady. She loves to jump on it (or on anything) and slide it around. I tried a few times to fix it, but this morning I succeeded. So working, sit-able, lie-down-able couch and less irritating dog activity. Win! Now if I could only train my dog-or myself with the dog-better, all would be good in pet land.

I am not sure what I think about last night's Supernatural. I was really looking forward to it, I have read the Twilight books (since almost every student I teach has been into them for years now) and the first one was good (remember, I teach 13-14 year olds) but they got progressively worse. I find the movies unwatchable. I cannot stand the male casting, and have found Kristen Stewart so irritating in her omnipresence that I can't watch her either. So making fun of that-awesome. But....
Vampires who are REALLY hot don't need sparkles-Spoilers )

I am really happy with Season 6 so far. There is lots of interesting stuff going on and they seem to be better at integrating an overall mystery/story into all the episodes so far. Last season seemed inconsistent-like the story stopped and started too much, no flow. So far they have avoided that, IMO. Looking forward to next week, and always hoping for more shirtless Sam, or Dean.
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This is why what I do every day matters:

I teach U.S. history and my middle school kids can explain what is scary about this.
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I loved this episode, and I wasn't sure I would. It just felt right--but was sadly lacking shirtless Sam. It was like the pieces of a machine which had been stalling and sputtering a bit were back to working in perfect sync again. I badly want to give Jensen lots of credit for this, but I just don't know enough about directing an episode of TV to know how much of it was due to him. I thought it was well-written and well acted.
episode 6.04 spoilers )
I think (wild imagination warning) that it looked like Jensen ran a set where everyone was comfortable and having a good time working and it showed in the end product. So Yea! my show seems to be hitting pretty well so far.
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It should be a rule that there must be at least 3 minutes of shirtless Sam in every episode. It is criminal to hide that all the time. And I am loving cold, mysterious Sam. Jared is rocking this Sam. Just Wow.


Oct. 5th, 2010 09:15 pm
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Although I do not normally think Glee lives up to its potential, tonight's show was amazing. It just seemed to hit every note perfectly correctly and it dealt with a really difficult topic in a meaningful way. So, I cannot recommend it highly enough.
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I am not sure what I thought of last night's episode. Things I am sure of: Sam is back to looking hot, very, very hot. Dean finally looked happy, and like Dean!
Supernatural 6.02 )

Can't wait for next week!
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This always makes me happy, but I just found a SPN fanfic written by one of my old favorite Highlander fanfic authors. I have already noticed that there is an obvious crossover in the two fandoms, and some really great HL writers also write great SPN stories. But every time it happens it is like running into an old friend. :-)
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But I just don't love it. It always seems to let me down or something. I think the show has such great potential, but then the writers just drop the ball. Theses tribute episodes never seem to do much but re-create old videos and such. There is nothing new there. It is like watching karaoke or something. The show is great when it does original stuff, but it so often falls short. Sigh.

I am a bit afraid this could out me in real life.... Tomorrow my school is getting to do something really cool. We are getting to downlink (or uplink?) with the Space Station and talk to astronauts. That is a really big deal, I am happy that a lot of kids are getting the opportunity to do something so cool. Of course since there are 1500 kids in my school, only a few hundred actually get to participate. The rest of us are watching live from classrooms. Still a cool opportunity for the kids.

Now the seemingly requisite bitching: The school district has spent thousands of dollars planting grass the last two days so the front of the school will look nice for the "important people" who are coming to this thing. The kids are threatened with Saturday detention if they walk on said grass before the big day. We also planted tons of flowers and such, but kids helped with that so it bothers me less. Now my school also was named a National Blue Ribbon School this year. Because we have almost no achievement gap between our student subgroups. That kicks ass. We are a low income school, with a very diverse population, and in numerous areas all these groups perform at an extremely high level. But hey, when they had the totally lame ceremony, in the middle of the day so the teachers couldn't actually go, no one thought we needed money spent on the school. The district did nothing to reward the kids. The superintendent never even said the word "teachers" in his little celebration speech. So all this ridiculousness for the NASA thing just ends up pissing us off. And that is a shame, because it is a really big deal.

Education reform has been in the news a lot lately. My school does a lot of things really right. Our kids are cared about, they like school, they work hard, we try-no matter that education now discourages it completely-to teach them to think critically. We worry too much about test scores, but our goal is that students are commended, not just pass those tests. Our administrators are not nearly as smart as our teachers are and we put up with all sorts of dumbness and we do it for the kids. A good teacher in every class room? What makes a good teacher? I don't know, but I do know it isn't effing grass.

Sorry for the rant. tomorrow will be a long day.
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I have now watched the first episode twice and there are the several things that struck me. First, I really love Dean! spoilers ) So I am now eagerly awaiting next Friday! Yea. It's back.
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OK, no spoilers but I liked Supernatural tonight. I love me some Dean Winchester! I have to watch again and think harder to have anything else to say though.

This is why I love teaching middle school:
Kid (to me in the hall): Miss, wanna see something cool?
Me: (a bit hesitantly): sure
Kid pulls out a dead snake in a plastic bag.
Me: Why do you have a dead snake in a bag?
Kid: Mr. H (science teacher) will love this, I had to bring it to show him.
Me: Of course he will, you should go show him right now.
The kid had, of course, been carrying the dead snake around all day...

It does not beat my favorite thing to say, that I luckily get to repeat numerous times every year; "get the _____ off your head." the word in the blank is never hat or any other appropriate head attire.
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Is it crazy that I have been in a good mood all day in anticipation of the new Supernatural episode tonight?
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I am getting excited about the new TV season in general and although there are lots of possible spoilers floating around for Supernatural, I am anxiously waiting for season 6. I am in no way a spoiler-phobe. I am the person who reads the end of a book first. Perhaps because of this, some would say bad habit, I am almost never put off of something I like because of things I hear about it before hand.

That being said, I am surprised that some people are trashing the show before a single episode airs based on these so-called spoilers. I say so-called because a tiny bit of information may look very different when seen in the context of an entire episode or over several episodes. Also, like any good story-I always think of Supernatural as a novel or series of novels-characters have to change to stay interesting. There is always a risk that I might not love the change, but if I love the characters I have to at least give them a chance. I have always admired the show for being willing to have Sam and Dean not be cookie cutter characters and do things I might not like, while still keeping me loyal to them. I think Jensen and Jared have a lot to do with this.

There are a few things that worry me, mostly that the writing was spotty last year and I am afraid that it is not going to get better. And I think that they had serious continuity problems and worry that more changes behind the scenes will add to this problem. It is a problem for a show that has built a mythology that encourages reading of minute details when the writers/showrunners can't seem to bother to be as invested as the fans. But still, none of that makes me less excited to get back together with Sam and Dean.


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