Jan. 19th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Got the Droid this weekend.  A total toy; unnecessary and very fun so far.  It also seems to work better as a phone than my old LG.  We will see as the experiment goes forward.  I think mostly it is a new way to waste time.  I did manage to post some dog pics from the new phone to facebook, so that function has been met.  I guess to better use the fancy gadgets, I need a more exciting life.  So maybe I can do some more things to take pics of...to bore my friends on Facebook with.  

I do like the app that lets me download ringtones for free though.  How did Verizon let that through?  Some good free games also so far.  And watching clips from Supernatural on the TV app...could be awesome if the CW keeps enough up.  So...as of now a good choice.  But enough money for a toy that I still feel guilty. 
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So the thing that made me finally break down and buy a Kindle was when I figured out that I could put my favorite fanfics on it.  I am somewhat worried about myself that I actually think that was perfect reasoning, and that I am putting tons of stories on it.  I do have books also, but the proportion of books to fanfic is currently somewhat unbalanced.

Now I am obsessing over a 3G phone.  So late on that bandwagon and yet anther somewhat embarrassing reason that I MUST get a new phone.  Facebook.  Yes, Facebook, which I am horrible about updating and such but find myself irresistibly drawn to check numerous times a day.  And to post lame pictures on, like my friends do.  And while I find it really lame...I want  to play too.  So the result will be a new phone and a higher phone bill

So my question for myself is how do I only get seduced by gadgets when they so something I consider an almost guilty indulgence?  Now, I am a sucker for all Apple products...but not enough to drink AT&T koolaid and get the phone.  So maybe there is hope for me yet.   But still, Facebook and fanfic on a Droid...I can't wait!


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