Apr. 23rd, 2011 12:57 pm
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Cowboy boys are awesome.

I am from Texas, and there is no way I wasn't going to love this episode.Thoughts on SPN 6.18, and Season 6 in general ) Bravo SPN, and especially the guys. Jensen just looked like he was having so much fun it was totally infectious.
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On a totally boring and mundane note, I fixed my couch this morning! My demon dog broke two legs off months ago and I have been irritated by the rocking unsteady couch. Also the dog could move it since it was unsteady. She loves to jump on it (or on anything) and slide it around. I tried a few times to fix it, but this morning I succeeded. So working, sit-able, lie-down-able couch and less irritating dog activity. Win! Now if I could only train my dog-or myself with the dog-better, all would be good in pet land.

I am not sure what I think about last night's Supernatural. I was really looking forward to it, I have read the Twilight books (since almost every student I teach has been into them for years now) and the first one was good (remember, I teach 13-14 year olds) but they got progressively worse. I find the movies unwatchable. I cannot stand the male casting, and have found Kristen Stewart so irritating in her omnipresence that I can't watch her either. So making fun of that-awesome. But....
Vampires who are REALLY hot don't need sparkles-Spoilers )

I am really happy with Season 6 so far. There is lots of interesting stuff going on and they seem to be better at integrating an overall mystery/story into all the episodes so far. Last season seemed inconsistent-like the story stopped and started too much, no flow. So far they have avoided that, IMO. Looking forward to next week, and always hoping for more shirtless Sam, or Dean.
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I have now watched the first episode twice and there are the several things that struck me. First, I really love Dean! spoilers ) So I am now eagerly awaiting next Friday! Yea. It's back.
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Initially I really liked this episode but needed a second viewing to decide how much and why. I liked the set-up here for the finale, and liked the continuation of last week’s episode. I had problems with the last episode, and was glad that this one addressed several of my issues. It also made me wish that they occasionally did 2 hour episodes…I actually know that the reason is money, but this seemed very much to me like a continuous story and it would have worked much better as one show with a single writer or writing team tying it together. My thoughts on the story, and some on the season so far, and the performances )

I am very excited about next week, but also am dreading the long hellatus. How great would it be if they released DVDs at the end of the season? I really want to watch this one without the long breaks and see if I like it better.
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My main thoughts on the 100th episode were Wow, Yea, Yippee, and other words of fangirl glee. I loved it. Point of No Return more detailed thoughts ) I totally appreciate the amazing season ending cliff hangers they have written before-and will likely appreciate something similar this year. But right now I keep wanting some more happy.


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