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The kids start school tomorrow. I have been back for a week, wasting my time mostly. If I have to work, I would much rather spend the time with the kids than with most of the adults with whom I work. Still, I am really dreading the start of a new year. The district has made so many bad changes that it will make my life suck and I am worried that eventually this will outweigh how much I love working with my kids. Maybe we can outlast the jerks, here's hoping.

I have been so excited about saving new Big Bang stories as PDF files on my Kindle. But I have a problem with some of them...the text is too small to read. I can't figure out a workable way to fix that problem. When I save things as word docs, the text size is fine. But I hate having to do that, and so often the formatting is so off I can't read it anyway. Any suggestions? I know you guys are way better than me at this stuff.
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So the thing that made me finally break down and buy a Kindle was when I figured out that I could put my favorite fanfics on it.  I am somewhat worried about myself that I actually think that was perfect reasoning, and that I am putting tons of stories on it.  I do have books also, but the proportion of books to fanfic is currently somewhat unbalanced.

Now I am obsessing over a 3G phone.  So late on that bandwagon and yet anther somewhat embarrassing reason that I MUST get a new phone.  Facebook.  Yes, Facebook, which I am horrible about updating and such but find myself irresistibly drawn to check numerous times a day.  And to post lame pictures on, like my friends do.  And while I find it really lame...I want  to play too.  So the result will be a new phone and a higher phone bill

So my question for myself is how do I only get seduced by gadgets when they so something I consider an almost guilty indulgence?  Now, I am a sucker for all Apple products...but not enough to drink AT&T koolaid and get the phone.  So maybe there is hope for me yet.   But still, Facebook and fanfic on a Droid...I can't wait!


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