Apr. 23rd, 2011 12:57 pm
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Cowboy boys are awesome.

I am from Texas, and there is no way I wasn't going to love this episode.Thoughts on SPN 6.18, and Season 6 in general ) Bravo SPN, and especially the guys. Jensen just looked like he was having so much fun it was totally infectious.
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I always encourage everyone to vote on election day. Often in my very red state, it feels like a pointless exercise and that my vote is meaningless. It isn't. It is my privilege as an American to express my opinion and even when I know that no one I vote for will win anything, at least my displeasure with who is in power is counted.

And besides, I want to be able to complain about all the idiots my fellow Texans will leave me stuck with and embarrassed by for me with for the next few years.

And both Texas teams are losing tonight--not looking like a good week for us liberal Texans. And yes, there are quite a few of us.
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OK, I admit to being a history teacher in Texas. I am currently very embarrassed for my state. The lame changes that the idiot Texas Education Agency (elected all-few, if any, have children in public schools) have made all sorts of national news. My personal favorites are: 1) the U.S. is no longer democratic. That sounds too much like the political party, so now the U.S. is a constitutional republic. Never mind that I have to teach that one of our principles of government is republicanism (a stupid made up word that apparently is OK to sound like that other political party). And 2) we now have to teach Jefferson Davis's inaugural address-you know, because we have to teach Lincoln's and all.

Now I will always teach kids what they need to know-if someone makes that impossible I will find another job. When the dumb stuff has to be taught I will teach it and we will discuss whether or not it is dumb and if so why and ten make up our own individual opinions. We will think in my room-just like we always do. But really, what is wrong with people that they are afraid of teaching children to think. I guess these are the same people who scream about liberal elitists when someone from an ivy league school is nominated to a government position. As we discuss in my classroom-I want people who run my government to be smarter than me. I actually find that comforting.

So this continues my ongoing rant about stupid people who voters put in positions to make decisions. And there are so many people who do not agree with this stupidity. But then they do nothing to get rid of these stupid elected officials. Where is the outrage? The people I know are not raging lunatics-so where is the rational, moral (really moral-not the ones who hijacked this word) majority that believes in things like separation of church and state? Why is that group so quiet?

OK, end of rant, at least for now.
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 I am from Texas.  Sometimes I am perfectly happy to say that out loud (especially since we finally have a non-Bush President).  Sometimes I wince...but I think that since there are dumb people everywhere, that would also be true if I was from somewhere else.  But I find people's ideas of what Texans are really like to be interesting.  Of course I have to tie this to Supernatural.   I think one of the reasons I like Jensen and Jared so much is that they are such cute Texas boys.  And they are a lot like Texas boys I have always known. 

What bugs me sometimes (OK, all the time) is when fanfic or just fans make all these assumptions about Jensen and Jared based on their incorrect (in my experience) ideas about what Texans are like.  Both boys are from large cities (really large).  Both seem smart.  Jared I know is really smart--he was a National Merit Scholar.  Smart children more likely than not have smart parents.  They went to affluent high schools.  They played sports but also did theatre and other less stereotypical Texas boy high school things.  Lots of these school activities would have included a pretty diverse group of students many of whom would have been open to all sorts of experimenting with all sorts of things.  They seem to have the support of their families.  They have parents who work in professions that are generally gay friendly-even in Texas.  They may or may not have a religious background, but I went to a Catholic high school and they taught us about various forms of birth control--while discouraging their use--but still.  Assumptions are dangerous.

I am currently being bugged by gossip about the boys being gay and entering into fake marriages because their backgrounds/family would never accept that they were out.  I just do not believe this.  I do not know them or their families, but it just seems like something ignorant fans assume based on stereotypes.  This is also big in some fanfics.  Poor persecuted boys, so repressed because of their backgrounds.  (I know there are lots of great stories where the families are totally accepting-those are the ones I like)

So i don't know why this is so irritating tonight, but i felt the need to rant (defend) the open-minded people in my state.  There really are lots of them.  I have no idea what either Jared or Jensen's personal experiences may have been, but they both are strong enough to have left home for the brutal career of acting--and been successful in their chosen paths.  They seem reasonably comfortable with themselves.  They both seem to love their families.  They do not seem that repressed to me.  

 I am not  sold on them being gay and together.  I am enough of a silly fan girl to think they are adorable together and sort of wish that was the case.  I also believe that if this was true, they could be bearding for business/career reasons.  But I do not know!

So in the fan speculations about the boys, give us Texans a break every once and a while.  Not all of us liked Bush, not all of us are religious fanatics, and not all of us ride horses;).  


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