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I still don't know what to say about "You Can't Handle the Truth." My overriding thought as I was watching again was what a great job Jensen and Jared are doing this season. My second thought was how much I was enjoying this season compared to last.

Sam: I have been impressed all season with how Jared is able to show so clearly that Sam wasn't quite right. I have thought all along that he was showing us that he had to think to "be normal" Sam and that even then he wasn't really normal Sam. Jared has done that with just facial expressions in most scenes. It has seemed obvious to me that Sam was having to process things and was only acting normal. I wasn't sure why, but had (along with many) guessed he no soul.
What I am still not sure of is if he knew he had no soul, or thought he had made a regular deal and for some reason his didn't work like the previous soul-dealing had. I also want to think that the reason he came back was to watch over Dean. That is likely my own personal melodrama and is wildly speculative. But I want his reason for not telling Dean he was back was because he really wanted to help Dean have a good life and he knew he wasn't right (he did say up front that he couldn't feel for people anymore) and maybe wasn't here for a long time so didn't want to hurt him again. Not sure what changed to make him willing to work with Dean again though.

Dean: Jensen has also done an amazing job of showing Dean's mistrust of Sam. Even before he really seemed sure he mistrusted him. I think he also did a great job of showing mixed feelings about being with Lisa and Ben. Part of him really did want that, but part of him knew that it couldn't last. I think Jensen did that really well-showing that he really cared, while at the same time not quite being comfortable-having to think about how he should come across.
I also thought that it would end with Dean being perceived as a threat to Ben and Lisa calling it off. While I don't want domestic Dean, I do think it helped Dean's story to finally have what all the other characters have had at least a chance to experience-a somewhat normal life. Even Sam got a bit of it with Jess, so only Dean had never felt what it was like to live like everyone else. I think only informed choices are really sacrifices, so now Dean knows what all his choices really are.

Sam and Dean: The scene in the motel with Dean telling Sam to go on an investigate and he would stay and do research. The acting in that scene amazed me; the juxtaposition between how they were in that scene and how Sam and Dean have been in countless previous motel scenes was so clearly done just with the way they held themselves (tighter, tenser) and the way they looked at each other. WOW. why don't those men get more credit for their acting? And I think both are so much better so far this season.
I thought the beating scene was sad and shocking. So many people had seemed to want Dean to hit Sam for not telling him he was back, well, they got what they thought they wanted. I think that Sam's behavior was totally in character for the Winchesters. They were both always doing something to try and help/save the other. Why wouldn't Sam have tried to protect Dean by letting him hold onto the life Sam thought Dean wanted. And of course, Dean wouldn't see it that way--and yet would do the same thing.

Overall: Again, I think the season so far is much more coherent than last season was. I think they are doing a much better job of actually telling a story that builds each week. The episodes all seem to build on each other, even if just a bit. Last season, the myth stories were so distinct from the "lighter" episodes that the overall story was disjointed and inconsistent. They are doing a much better job so far this year. But given all that, I am anxiously awaiting the boys being good together again. I want my cute, overly attached, and occasionally shirtless Winchesters back soon.
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