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2011-10-05 10:43 pm
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In my job, my friends and I often moan about the lack of leadership and vision in public education. I have been lucky enough to have worked for two incredibly visionary principals who were passionate about doing the best we could for kids. Then I worked for someone whose could only articulate his vision for my school as rising test scores. We have a new boss now, one with vision and passion, but he has several years of ruin to try and repair. The difference between leaders with vision and those faux leaders with no personal vision at all aside from doing whatever it takes to fit in and get ahead is very clear when viewed from the inside.

Maybe that is why I mourn the loss of Steve Jobs so much tonight. True vision is so incredibly rare that it should be celebrated whenever one is lucky enough to find it. I am touched by his vision every time I play my iPod, use my iPhone, or type on this iMac or my Macbook. Yes, I am an Apple geek. But who isn't at heart?

I resisted the iPhone for a really long time-until June to be precise. It is just a phone and I am not a lover of cell phones anyway. But I wanted to carry less gadgets, and when they finally broadened beyond AT&T I broke down. And you know what? It is amazing and wonderful and everything people said it was. Of course, it is typically Apple: both perfectly functional and beautiful.

Jobs did amazing things. He lived with such passion. He was a real genius, as an innovator, businessman and showman. But he also made some of the mundane tasks I have to endure every day more enjoyable. I can listen to music as I do almost anything, and I can do it with one small, seemingly simple, beautiful device.

Vision. Passion. We really do need to cherish it and nurture it wherever we find it.
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2011-10-01 05:35 pm

Good Watching: SPN 7.02 and Thunder Soul

So I am loving Supernatural so far. I have re-watched both of this season's episodes, and I don't think I did that at all with Season 6. I thought the guys were spectacular in "Hello Cruel World." The Sam and Dean show )

And I saw the best movie, "Thunder Soul." It is about the Kashmere High School Show Band which during the 1970s was the best show band in the country. It was the first all black band to compete against the white show bands, and the first to add funk music to the very white-bread traditional jazz music that the other bands played. It is an awesome and inspiring story, tempered by the fact that bad principals, bad district and school leadership can manage to ruin almost anything that is good for kids. But those men and women who were the kids in the 70s band are perfect evidence of why things like music in public schools matters. And the band director at my school plays awesome drums--both then and now. If you don't want to see the movie, at least go to iTunes and listen to the Kashmere Band play Kashmere (or anything else, it is all good). Awesome!
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2011-07-29 11:45 am
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Exploring and another LJ rant

So I spent some of my time the last several days wandering around AO3 and Dreamwidth. I had set up accounts at both, and already knew that I loved it when authors posted long stories to AO3 because of the easy choice of download options. Since it is often easier to read long fics on my Kindle, the MOBI option there is awesome. I wish all the Big Bangs were cross-posted over there.LJ frustrations, blah, blah, blah )

So LJ needs to get its act together. I missed it when it was gone.
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2011-07-16 10:46 am

Harry Potter and Friday Night Lights

No one likely cares, but the Friday Night Lights finale was just about perfect. It made me realize how rare it is that a good show hits its ending exactly right. Rambling thoughts on the show )

But even loving FNL, I admit I didn't watch it religiously like I do SPN. But it stayed good and true to itself in a way I think SPN has lost. That makes me sad. I wish I had faith that SPN could end on such a high note, and I also own up to not wanting it to end, because even with the flaws that so often disappoint me now, I still love those Winchester boys and want to know more of their story.

As for Harry Potter, I haven't seen the last movie. I am very torn by the movies because I loved the books so much that the movies always disappoint. I like the cast, I think they are well done for the most part. But they just are empty shadows of the books for me. So I never get excited for them and can easily wait for a week or so, and sometimes even for the DVD.

I miss the excitement over a new HP book coming out though. Those I did get in the middle of the night and had to force myself not to read in one setting--just to make them last a little bit longer. And I still miss having a new book to read that I was looking forward to that much.
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2011-06-20 07:25 pm
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Why am I working in the summer again?

Warning for some work/family responsibility whining. )

Plus side, I got a cool new camera that I can test out on the sights. Maybe that will be entertainment enough.
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2011-06-15 03:27 pm
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Does anyone really want to know this stuff?

I am bored; so I answered this 100 question meme... )

Doing these always reminds me how boring I am. I need to work on that! Good thing it is summer vacation.
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2011-05-27 09:16 pm
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2011-05-24 09:29 am

Happy Birthday Mom

I am taking a day off work to spend with my Mom on her 89th birthday. I didn't want her to be alone all day since it is the first birthday after my Dad died.

I was sort of ambivalent about taking the day off so close to the end of the school year. The kids are crazy and there is all sorts of end-of-year stuff to do. But when I woke up yesterday morning, my first thought was "at least I get tomorrow off."

So I get a break from the kids, and get to spend the afternoon with Mom. So two things to be thankful for today.
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2011-05-18 11:46 pm

What I do for my kids...Or How am I not watching SPN live tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the 8th grade dance at my school. I love my kids (well, it's May, so I love most of them) and I can't say no when they ask me to chaperone. And one of my good friends/colleagues is in charge of it all, so I also owe her some loyalty. But on the night of the 2 HOUR season finale? Really?

Result: my DVR better work. Last year when I was in Chicago for a few days, I made my friend go back to the hotel to watch the finale.

It is interesting that although I still love the show and the guys, in past years I would have said no to the Dance.
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2011-04-23 12:57 pm


Cowboy boys are awesome.

I am from Texas, and there is no way I wasn't going to love this episode.Thoughts on SPN 6.18, and Season 6 in general ) Bravo SPN, and especially the guys. Jensen just looked like he was having so much fun it was totally infectious.
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2011-04-16 11:46 am

Supernatural Season 6; my boring life

I have had almost no desire to write about any of the Supernatural episodes this season. I don't think it is about not enjoying them, I still love the show. I particularly thought Jared did a great job with soulless Sam. But for some reason I don't feel the same need to discuss each one like I used to. Huh? Maybe I will feel differently when I re-watch the DVDs. Or when I see Cowboy boys. And I definitely am not ready to say goodbye; I am desperately hoping for Season 7.

I am going to the big gem and jewelry show with my Mom today. Mostly to get her out since she doesn't go out much since my Dad died. But I can usually justify buying something. Except I had to put in a new air conditioner last weekend. That pretty much precludes buying anything for months. I hate those irritating home repair things that never stop or go away.

Man, my life is boring lately. Need to do something about that soon. Suggestions?
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2011-03-20 11:12 pm

It Must Be A Scientific Fact...

that vacation days go by faster than work days. This may be too whiny for most so sorry, but Spring Break is over and I am not ready to go back to the daily grind. I basically just used the time to spend with my Mom and to go to those pesky doctor appointments that I can never schedule during school. And the worst thing is that we now have to start moving really fast to get ready for the all-important TAKS test. No fun for me or the kids.

And the other worst thing is that they are supposedly going to re-model my school which means I may have to move all my stuff out to a temporary room, while pushing really hard to get the kids ready for the TAKS test. And they are going to put down a new floor in my room--they just did that a year ago--and yet are not going to fix the leak under the building that makes water seep up and ruin said floor.

But you know what a cash drain us picky public school teacher are!

I am looking forward to seeing my kids though. I always miss them, and if I can just ignore all adults associated with education, me and the kids are great!
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2011-02-25 07:31 pm

Excited for The French Mistake

I am very excited for tonight's Supernatural. I suspect I will either love it or intensely dislike it. I tend to love Ben Edlund's episodes so I am really hoping for loving it. I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks about it.

A lovely Friday with a new Supernatural to anticipate makes me very happy.
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2011-02-12 05:18 pm
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Snagged from silverraven

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

Very cool photo meme )
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2011-02-04 07:18 pm
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Finally! (and Sherlock too)

Counting down to the new (finally) episode of Supernatural. Am excited to see the boys again, and rumor has it that tonight There Be Dragons!

And I have spend part of my Snow Day watching Sherlock, and I love it. How do people in England stand waiting so long for the next season of episodes?
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2011-02-04 02:53 pm
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Snowless Snow day

Well, no snow for our Snow Day. But we did have a quarter inch of ice on the roads most of the day, so it was good that most people were staying at home. It was a good day to sit in warm flannel PJs, read and watch my Sherlock DVDs.
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2011-02-03 07:46 pm
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Snow Day!

Tomorrow is a Snow Day! So while many may laugh at the idea of canceling school for a predicted 1-4 inches of snow with a tiny bit of possible ice, here in Houston that is serious winter business. And really is there a better feeling than a snow day?

And a new Supernatural episode the same day! Life is looking good tomorrow :-)
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2010-12-31 02:40 pm
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Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve. My friends here have brought me much joy throughout this past year. You have often made me feel less alone when real life was something I wanted to escape from. And those of you who write fanfic have brought me me countless hours of entertainment. Thank you all, and may 2011 be all that you wish for.