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I have been really lucky in my life and up until this year haven't lost anyone to whom I was really close. My father passed away in January. But he was old and hadn't been well. It was sad and shocking, yet not horribly surprising. I feel more alone in the world but can accept that this is part of life.

But Wednesday night, one of my best friend's husband died suddenly, with no warning and totally unexpectedly. Kevin had a massive heart attack and couldn't be revived. He was 52. He was a super cool guy. A geologist who was accepted into grad school because they wanted to see the guy who could have such a diverse school record, make some not so great grades and yet have perfect test scores. He loved learning and knew a lot about everything. He was one of the most fun people to talk to I have ever met. And he was super funny and a great writer, he edited many grants for his wife and I.

He and his wife, Peggy, have a great kid who shared their best traits. I don't like little kids, but have loved Jimmy since I met him when he was 2 (when, by the way, he could put all the states correctly in a map of the U.S.) Jimmy graduates from high school next Friday, which will be 3 days after his father's funeral. He is awesome like both of his parents. I was lucky enough to teach him; he is brilliant but he also was liked by every other kid in his classes. He gets along well with all other kids, no matter how smart they are or what their background is. He can move amongst cultural groups with ease and is welcomed into each group because he is nice and open and fun.

Peggy is one of the best people I have ever met. I always tell the kids at school that she is the nicest person on our campus. Everyone always agrees. She works harder than anyone I know. She also is brilliant, but gets along with everyone. She is one of the best teachers with really difficult special education students (in a regular education classroom) I have ever seen. She has a disabled sister who she takes care of along with her great family.

How can this have happened to such amazing people? It isn't fair, and of course life isn't, but this sucks. So I am complaining loudly here to the Universe.
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