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I still don't know what to say about "You Can't Handle the Truth." My overriding thought as I was watching again was what a great job Jensen and Jared are doing this season. My second thought was how much I was enjoying this season compared to last.
Somewhat incoherent spoilers may follow ) I want my cute, overly attached, and occasionally shirtless Winchesters back soon.
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I loved this episode, and I wasn't sure I would. It just felt right--but was sadly lacking shirtless Sam. It was like the pieces of a machine which had been stalling and sputtering a bit were back to working in perfect sync again. I badly want to give Jensen lots of credit for this, but I just don't know enough about directing an episode of TV to know how much of it was due to him. I thought it was well-written and well acted.
episode 6.04 spoilers )
I think (wild imagination warning) that it looked like Jensen ran a set where everyone was comfortable and having a good time working and it showed in the end product. So Yea! my show seems to be hitting pretty well so far.
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Initially I really liked this episode but needed a second viewing to decide how much and why. I liked the set-up here for the finale, and liked the continuation of last week’s episode. I had problems with the last episode, and was glad that this one addressed several of my issues. It also made me wish that they occasionally did 2 hour episodes…I actually know that the reason is money, but this seemed very much to me like a continuous story and it would have worked much better as one show with a single writer or writing team tying it together. My thoughts on the story, and some on the season so far, and the performances )

I am very excited about next week, but also am dreading the long hellatus. How great would it be if they released DVDs at the end of the season? I really want to watch this one without the long breaks and see if I like it better.


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