Snow Day!

Feb. 3rd, 2011 07:46 pm
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Tomorrow is a Snow Day! So while many may laugh at the idea of canceling school for a predicted 1-4 inches of snow with a tiny bit of possible ice, here in Houston that is serious winter business. And really is there a better feeling than a snow day?

And a new Supernatural episode the same day! Life is looking good tomorrow :-)
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But I just don't love it. It always seems to let me down or something. I think the show has such great potential, but then the writers just drop the ball. Theses tribute episodes never seem to do much but re-create old videos and such. There is nothing new there. It is like watching karaoke or something. The show is great when it does original stuff, but it so often falls short. Sigh.

I am a bit afraid this could out me in real life.... Tomorrow my school is getting to do something really cool. We are getting to downlink (or uplink?) with the Space Station and talk to astronauts. That is a really big deal, I am happy that a lot of kids are getting the opportunity to do something so cool. Of course since there are 1500 kids in my school, only a few hundred actually get to participate. The rest of us are watching live from classrooms. Still a cool opportunity for the kids.

Now the seemingly requisite bitching: The school district has spent thousands of dollars planting grass the last two days so the front of the school will look nice for the "important people" who are coming to this thing. The kids are threatened with Saturday detention if they walk on said grass before the big day. We also planted tons of flowers and such, but kids helped with that so it bothers me less. Now my school also was named a National Blue Ribbon School this year. Because we have almost no achievement gap between our student subgroups. That kicks ass. We are a low income school, with a very diverse population, and in numerous areas all these groups perform at an extremely high level. But hey, when they had the totally lame ceremony, in the middle of the day so the teachers couldn't actually go, no one thought we needed money spent on the school. The district did nothing to reward the kids. The superintendent never even said the word "teachers" in his little celebration speech. So all this ridiculousness for the NASA thing just ends up pissing us off. And that is a shame, because it is a really big deal.

Education reform has been in the news a lot lately. My school does a lot of things really right. Our kids are cared about, they like school, they work hard, we try-no matter that education now discourages it completely-to teach them to think critically. We worry too much about test scores, but our goal is that students are commended, not just pass those tests. Our administrators are not nearly as smart as our teachers are and we put up with all sorts of dumbness and we do it for the kids. A good teacher in every class room? What makes a good teacher? I don't know, but I do know it isn't effing grass.

Sorry for the rant. tomorrow will be a long day.


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