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I can't believe how late I am to this party, but I am now addicted to soundtracks that go with my fave stories. I guess it started when I began downloading fics to my Kindle, and then could read anywhere often while listening to my Ipod. So... a request: What are the best story soundtracks? Or which ones do you love and recommend? I have found several, I am currently in love with the music for Apocalypse Z. I love humor, and also when the music really adds to the story. So any suggestions?
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This always makes me happy, but I just found a SPN fanfic written by one of my old favorite Highlander fanfic authors. I have already noticed that there is an obvious crossover in the two fandoms, and some really great HL writers also write great SPN stories. But every time it happens it is like running into an old friend. :-)
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Apparently, my chosen way to celebrate finally being on summer break is to spend way too much time reading Big Bang stories. I am in total awe of everyone who takes on the challenge of writing such a long story since I have no ability to write anything creative. This has made me think a lot about what kind of comments authors really want to receive about their stories.
What is the reader's part in the writing process? )

I guess I am reacting to the vast difference in stories since I have read so many this week. If I spent as much time as these authors have writing their stories then I would think that they were committed enough to writing that they really wanted to get better. But I don't know if it is the job of the average reader to jump into that process.
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I am happy that it is summer and I have more time to read. I am hoping to bump into my willpower somewhere and actually step away from fanfic and read some more books. But, really I am thinking it is almost as hopeless as that exercise regime I am also going to find (or that will run sneakily into my house and find me) the willpower for. New BigBangs and a new rec list by Lexzilla make me really happy-and totally ready to blow off that pesky willpower for a bit longer.
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I have been way to interested (in a train wreck sort of way) in the gossip about Jensen and Jared and Jared's wedding this weekend.  I find the relationship between the two men adorable, and maybe at times a little "more than friendsy."  I decided that based on YouTube videos from conventions and such.  It was part of what first drew me to the show.  

Then I got sucked into the Ted Casablanca Blind Vice.  Reading it cold, on my own (because I read his blolum semi-regularly with or without any Supernatural connection)  I was struck by how much the first couple of stories seemed to just be Jared and Jensen.  I admit I had no real idea which guy was which in the Blind.  That, in turn sucked me into some of the more hard-core gossip about them.  I have no idea how I come down on a lot of this.  I wonder why some "fans" seem to care so much...after all what we as fans get is always some version of a truth that actors want us to believe.  I think for most famous people, some of what they put out there is real and some is "less real."  No reason it would be different for J2.  I am also totally OK with this.  I don't think that we as fans have any "right" to know anything about either Jared or Jensen's personal life.  If they were involved in some sort of romantic relationship, does that change anything?  If they are just super good friends does that mean I would no longer enjoy reading fanfics about them?  I think the stories I read are just that--fictional stories.  If they are totally straight in real life then how is that different than an AU story that makes them movie directors, physicists, college students, etc? 

Now, back to the train wreck.  I keep reading the gossip.  And the facts are just weird enough to keep me interested.  I also know that bearding is a fact, not just in Hollywood but everywhere.  There are lots of reasons for doing it.  I have certainly been the "date" for gay friends who needed to not have their sexual preference questioned for various reasons--often reasons of employment.  Those men were not super closeted...just did not feel like revealing everything to people they did not think needed to know.  Several of my gay friends (male and female) just want to lead their very normal lives and not have attention drawn to who they choose to date/live with.  Obviously, if someone is added to their group of friends, they are open about their lives.  It is just not something they want to spend all their time talking about/dealing with.  I can only imagine how much worse this would be for someone who is involved with Hollywood.  No matter how much they may not care if people knew they were together--or were gay--that would always be a lead part of every story written about them, at least for a while.  I can totally understand not wanting to deal with that--since they both want to work after Supernatural ends.  I also must admit that the friends I am thinking of are older and more settled in careers and life than Jensen and Jared may be.  

So the problem I have is that those weird facts are just not ever cleared up for me.  I know that a series of seemingly unrelated and random events can in fact be random and unrelated.  I guess I just want the genie back in the bottle a little.  I don't want to wonder, or if I am wondering then I want to think it is just me being a silly fangirl...I think it makes me sad that if they are straight then all this is being said in a really ugly way and if they are not then they have to go to such great lengths to hide.   

Oh yea, and I miss the cute, silly, probably acting, flirtiness that used to always come through in interviews and videos of them together.
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 I am in awe of people who write really good fanfic.  I just finished "the Bright Lights of Disturbia" by Leonidas.  So good and so deeply written.  There are so many others that are also really good.  I wish I could do that.  I have tried a few times and just am not a creative writer.  I am imagination challenged.  It sucks.  I want to do it too!  

I guess I will have to remain happy just reading more of the great stories written by others.  I admit to getting a bit panicky when I finish something long and deep that I love...what if I can't find another really great story to take up my interest?  Luckily there seems to be so much really good Supernatural fic that I am likely safe.  But I worry (I can't help myself) because I also love Highlander slash and there isn't much new being written there.  Some more came out when the show was on in reruns, but then everyone moves on to something else.  

What will I do if authors get tired of Sam and Dean???


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