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I have no real thoughts on “Hammer of the Gods.” Overall I enjoyed the episode, but it was almost destined to be a let down for me because I so loved the one before. I liked the idea of finally recognizing that there are more religions in the world than those based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, but I thought the execution was sloppy. This would have been better earlier in the season with a different mood or something. I liked Lucifer; he always adds depth, feeling, and menace to the show. I loved his scene with Gabriel. Yea, Gabe finally stood up to his brother. I did not think that powerful scene was particularly well served by the beginning of the episode and the almost silly simplification of other religious beliefs. I will miss Trickster/Gabriel, he was a great character really well executed by Richard.

I have been thinking a lot lately about Sam and Dean and Jared and Jensen. I am a total sap for the chemistry that exists between the actors and, therefore, between the characters. When I read various fan sites and message boards I am somewhat dismayed by the competition between fans of one or the other (real guy or fictional character). My bias is that the brother (and actor) dynamic is what makes the show. I love them together much more than I do either one separately; I really liked “The End,” but I usually don’t love the episodes that heavily feature one or the other as much as the ones together.

As for Sam and Dean: Sam was at first (season 1-2) slightly more appealing to me, but not because I did not like Dean. Then Dean grew on me. Maybe he started being written more sympathetically or maybe it is just me, but they equaled out for me by season 3. Now I love them both and if I was zapped into their fictional world my first choice would be to enjoy them together (Not like that!—well, maybe a bit like that) and I would have a hard time choosing if I had to pick only one to spend time with. I am way more like Sam and would have more to talk about with him, but that also makes me drawn to Dean because he is so different from me. (OK, magic genie can you give me that choice-and can we maybe not spend the time talking ;) )

I actually would prefer that the genie zap me to that fictional world. I really like Jared and Jensen from what I have seen in vids and read from others’ accounts of meeting them. But I have never been drawn to celebrity. I have never really wanted to meet famous people, and when I have encountered them in real life I have never tried to talk to them (unless in an elevator or something and then both times the celebrity spoke to me first). Partly because I know I would act embarrassed and dorky and weird, but partly because I know that I am not and never will be part of their world. They will never be my friend. So meeting them in a contrived setting seems artificial to me. I can totally see how attending a con would be fun and exciting. Sharing a mutual love of something with other fans would be great, as would getting to see them actually perform in person (and I think this is what they do during panels). But attending a con to get to “meet” the actors is just not for me.

That being said, I have been thinking about the actors this last week. I read reviews and others views on the show and some of the message boards. To my non-Supernatural loving friends, I am a pretty intense fangirl. But I am constantly amazed by the intensity of others. For what it is worth, this is my take on that:

Jared and Jensen: I love them together. One of the things that made me go from just watching the show to ridiculous fangirl is watching videos of them interacting with each other. I hope I will always like and admire them and will follow their hopefully very successful after-Supernatural careers. But I think I will always love them most together. (I am not making any assumptions about there relationship here) If I had to choose, I guess I am most drawn to Jensen for some of the same reasons I was initially drawn to Sam. I am most like him (or how he portrays himself)- reserved, quieter, slightly uncomfortable at being the center of attention, etc. (I know he is an actor but performing is different than people focusing on you as a person.) He is also one of the best looking men I have ever seen. (tastes vary, this is just me) Jared though seems like he brings the sun into every room he enters. That is very appealing, but for someone like me it can also a bit intimidating. He is also incredibly hot and sexy for his not-perfect, more interesting looks. By almost every account he is also nice and puts people at ease. He just seems to shine and good feelings seem to radiate from him somehow.

I hate the idea among some people that one must prefer one over the other, and if you say something slightly uncomplimentary about one then you are somehow really just a fan of the other. For some people the opposite seems true; if you compliment one you must be dissing the other. I do not think that this is true for most fans. But we are quieter than the louder Sam and Dean girls. I enjoy talking and reading about both the show and the actors. I just wish the conversations were a bit more rational and well…nice.


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