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Tomorrow is the 8th grade dance at my school. I love my kids (well, it's May, so I love most of them) and I can't say no when they ask me to chaperone. And one of my good friends/colleagues is in charge of it all, so I also owe her some loyalty. But on the night of the 2 HOUR season finale? Really?

Result: my DVR better work. Last year when I was in Chicago for a few days, I made my friend go back to the hotel to watch the finale.

It is interesting that although I still love the show and the guys, in past years I would have said no to the Dance.
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that vacation days go by faster than work days. This may be too whiny for most so sorry, but Spring Break is over and I am not ready to go back to the daily grind. I basically just used the time to spend with my Mom and to go to those pesky doctor appointments that I can never schedule during school. And the worst thing is that we now have to start moving really fast to get ready for the all-important TAKS test. No fun for me or the kids.

And the other worst thing is that they are supposedly going to re-model my school which means I may have to move all my stuff out to a temporary room, while pushing really hard to get the kids ready for the TAKS test. And they are going to put down a new floor in my room--they just did that a year ago--and yet are not going to fix the leak under the building that makes water seep up and ruin said floor.

But you know what a cash drain us picky public school teacher are!

I am looking forward to seeing my kids though. I always miss them, and if I can just ignore all adults associated with education, me and the kids are great!
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OK, no spoilers but I liked Supernatural tonight. I love me some Dean Winchester! I have to watch again and think harder to have anything else to say though.

This is why I love teaching middle school:
Kid (to me in the hall): Miss, wanna see something cool?
Me: (a bit hesitantly): sure
Kid pulls out a dead snake in a plastic bag.
Me: Why do you have a dead snake in a bag?
Kid: Mr. H (science teacher) will love this, I had to bring it to show him.
Me: Of course he will, you should go show him right now.
The kid had, of course, been carrying the dead snake around all day...

It does not beat my favorite thing to say, that I luckily get to repeat numerous times every year; "get the _____ off your head." the word in the blank is never hat or any other appropriate head attire.
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The kids start school tomorrow. I have been back for a week, wasting my time mostly. If I have to work, I would much rather spend the time with the kids than with most of the adults with whom I work. Still, I am really dreading the start of a new year. The district has made so many bad changes that it will make my life suck and I am worried that eventually this will outweigh how much I love working with my kids. Maybe we can outlast the jerks, here's hoping.

I have been so excited about saving new Big Bang stories as PDF files on my Kindle. But I have a problem with some of them...the text is too small to read. I can't figure out a workable way to fix that problem. When I save things as word docs, the text size is fine. But I hate having to do that, and so often the formatting is so off I can't read it anyway. Any suggestions? I know you guys are way better than me at this stuff.
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Sorry for all these boring RL posts, but the end of school testing is such a big deal.

Am I a horrible person for hating all the importance we place on students' standardized test scores, but being shocked (in a really happy way) that 100% of my kids passed their state test this year? That has never happened; I teach in a huge, Title I, urban middle school with over 60% at-risk kids. My 150 students are very diverse and I teach everyone from special ed kids in an inclusion class and gifted and talented kids. No one get 100% passing on any test.

Even more meaningful to me was that 61% of my kids were commended on the test. Way better judge of if they really learned a lot this year. So that number always makes me happy if it is above 50%.

So I was really happy with test scores today even though I hate what they represent for education and for children. And I feel sort of guilty for being so happy.


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