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I loved this episode, and I wasn't sure I would. It just felt right--but was sadly lacking shirtless Sam. It was like the pieces of a machine which had been stalling and sputtering a bit were back to working in perfect sync again. I badly want to give Jensen lots of credit for this, but I just don't know enough about directing an episode of TV to know how much of it was due to him. I thought it was well-written and well acted.

The burning demon bones as a way to "kill" demons didn't bother me. I guess I don't expect a show to have figured out every possible plot device from the very beginning. Since the last few seasons have been chock full of plot holes in my opinion, this one actually worked for me. It took time and planning and research to find Crowley's original body/bones so it isn't really a practical way to get rid of most demons. The really big bad ones were very old and how could they have ever found those bones. So that part was OK with me. It didn't stray that far from what we know about burning hunters when they died. I agree that the problem is John; but I think there could be some explanation; maybe about a ritual or something else that John said or did to bind his soul or something. Overall, it worked for me.

I liked the acting and writing quite a bit. I thought everyone did a really good job, and while I don't love Bobby because he has become such a one-note-character, he was much more interesting Friday night. I like to find out about the regular lives of the characters so this was fun.

Of course there wasn't enough Sam and Dean. But I liked Bobby telling them to suck it up and stop whining. And that they were working well together. I will say though, that this was the only real "off" note for me. I didn't see the tension that has been building up between them in the earlier 3 episodes. I also didn't see the season 6 Sam and thought the simple mention in the phone call that there was something wrong with Sam wasn't enough considering what has been building up so far. Dean's new world seemed to be totally ignored. I wondered if the play between the brothers was more like earlier seasons because it was the first scenes Jared and Jensen had filmed this season. I believe that they get several scripts in advance but they likely hadn't had a chance to really figure out how their characters had changed and the new layers that were being written this season. It seemed particularly noticeable for me since Jared has done such a great job with this ambiguous Sam that seeing more of last year's version threw me. But I do think all that was an episode timing issue and it didn't make me like the episode any less. And I loved them in the little English car.

And can I admit to being really looking forward to next week. No silly sparkles! Serious Vamps!
I think (wild imagination warning) that it looked like Jensen ran a set where everyone was comfortable and having a good time working and it showed in the end product. So Yea! my show seems to be hitting pretty well so far.
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