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So I spent some of my time the last several days wandering around AO3 and Dreamwidth. I had set up accounts at both, and already knew that I loved it when authors posted long stories to AO3 because of the easy choice of download options. Since it is often easier to read long fics on my Kindle, the MOBI option there is awesome. I wish all the Big Bangs were cross-posted over there.

When I first set up a DW account, I found it hard to use. I am not at all tech savvy and since I was used to LJ, I sort of gave up. This time is seemed much easier--perhaps a result of desperation. So I was happy to even find some of my friends over there.

I find LJ frustrating. Several times in the last 6-8 months I have not been able to use functions that I decided I like enough to pay to enjoy. Nothing big, but things get disrupted and it takes them forever to fix. This is not a successful business model. I am curious why more people haven't given up on it. I know ease and familiarity are addicting, but the other sites seem like really good alternatives, even if only used as a back up.

I am all for free speech. I am irritated that people would try and deny anyone the right to speak his/her mind. But a site that takes money to provide a service should be able to guard against that, especially after it has happened several times in the past. And even if the attackers are so good that prvention is impossible, they should be able to get the site back up in less than 4 days. They are providing (or not providing in this case) a service for which they expect to get paid.

I use LJ mostly for fandom purposes. I keep up with several communities and read fanfic. None of that is remotely important in the grand scheme of things, but it provides me with much pleasure. I am a bit embarrassed by how much I missed this little entertainment outlet and how frustrated I was that it was unavailable. I want to know that when I decide to escape for an hour or a few, that there is a place I can go to find my smiles, angst, crack or whatever my mood needs that day.

So LJ needs to get its act together. I missed it when it was gone.
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