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The Sting Symphonicity Tour is really good. The music with the Philharmonic was great, we totally loved the conductor. My favorite (it was all good) was Moon over Bourbon Street...we had a great full moon overhead during the song. It was surprisingly pleasant outside for late June...the one advantage of having been rainy for a week. The lawn was a mud pit, but since we are old, we rented chairs and it was all good.

We ate at a South African restaurant before-in honor of the World Cup, loved the spicy food with great fruit coleslaw to cut the spices. So for all my moaning about it, it was a fun evening. But I got home late for me--I am old. Then have to stay up late enough for my dogs to have play time, so was very late going to sleep. Thank goodness for lazy Saturdays.

While waiting for the USA game to come on, I think I will read some of the new Big Bangs, or maybe even some old ones. I am way too happy that they are soon back to filming for the new season. Even though I have some worries about what they might be planning, I am happy that things are underway. I am also happy that Jensen is getting a chance to direct. I can't want September to hurry because then I would miss my summer break, but starting in August, I will be counting the days. For now, will have to make due with my DVDs. I always intend to watch in order, but never have the discipline...I jump around. Maybe I will try and watch the episodes I usually skip (there aren't really many of those though). I am afraid watching the early seasons will make me even more nervous about what they may be planning for the boys this year....
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Tonight I am going to a Sting concert. I am not a huge Sting lover, but one of my best friends is so we are going to dinner with the girls and to see Sting. It is an outdoor concert, and it has been pouring rain all week here. We (not my idea, obviously) are going to a fairly nice restaurant we have to dress somewhat nice, and then sit outside in the swamp like conditions of Houston, Texas. So we are planning on renting chairs so we don't have to get wet...from the soaked ground. Now another possibility could have been super casual and shorts to the concert.

I am complaining too much, am sure I will have fun, but sometimes my friends make things more difficult than they need to be.


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