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I am not sure what I thought of last night's episode. Things I am sure of: Sam is back to looking hot, very, very hot. Dean finally looked happy, and like Dean!

I am totally on board with the teasing about the Campbells and Sam. Clearly something is up, and I like that they are playing it out slowly and somewhat mysteriously. I like it sort of taking the place of some big mythology for the season. I do think it is clear that something not so good is up with them though.

What I liked: The end was great. I loved "Smoke on the Water" and the return of the Impala. I loved how Dean's whole demeanor changed when he was back with her. Well written , and well acted. I loved the boys back together in a motel room, I loved the grocery store scene and like that they didn't play it for the really obvious laughs. I am glad that they are seemingly together again on the road. I also like the way that Dean is distrustful of the Campbells and a bit of Sam; but that it is hard for him to not trust Sam. I also think Jared is playing this ambiguous Sam very well-and did I mention how hot he looked in this episode? Wow! Please leave his hair alone for the rest of the season.

Not so much: I somehow felt let down a bit by the whole episode. I liked the big payoff at the end, but wasn't in love with it as it went along; either the first or second viewing. It was good, it just didn't grab me and hold me like my favorite episodes usually do.

I didn't like the scene with Dean and Ben. I think the kid did not react at all realistically throughout the entire show, really. He should be more outraged by the lockdown rules and should have reacted much differently to Dean's gun meltdown. I tried both times I watched to explain it away by him having experience with the dark side and therefore being more willing to accept the way Dean was acting. But, still, it just didn't work for me. Maybe it is the kid actor? But I am not feeling any epic love between Dean and Ben, I do feel Dean wanting to love him and liking the feeling of responsibility for him. Just no real connection for me.

I am also still on the fence about Dean and Lisa. I don't dislike her character, and like that they are trying to write her as a strong woman. I like that she accepts Dean as he is and doesn't seem to want to change him. I think that is what Dean loves about her; everyone else wants Dean to be something different. She just seems to accept him. I like that dynamic and can see it as the only way a relationship with him could ever work. My problem is more the family dynamic. I think this way she is giving Dean space to hunt and come and go would be really bad for Ben. Having him come and go as he likes seems like an awful answer. I thought for a minute that she was really cutting him loose because what was happening was bad for her family-that would have worked for me. The dropping by just--doesn't. I don't think that was a strong woman response, I think it was selfish as to Ben, and sort of wimping out for herself. I am convinced that Dean cannot have both, and think that was definitely foreshadowed in the opening sequence of the new season. I also think she has to be the one to send him away, and it has to be obvious that it is in everyone's best interest that he leave.

I think they may be trying to set up some symmetry between Sam and his "family" and Dean and his. Not sure that is working for me. I can see how Sam's enduring need for family and a sense that he belongs somewhere allows him to think he belongs with the Campbells-and they totally play on that. Just like Dean's need to be needed makes him fit with his new family. So I hope that they come up with something good to resolve this and put the boys--the REAL SPN family back together.

Now Sam: I am very interested in what they are doing with Sam this season. It bugged me all through the episode that Sam never refered to the babies as anything but "it" and I noticed it immediately. (Maybe because I don't love babies and when I sometimes say it, the reaction is always very pronounced) I really wondered if he somehow knew all along that they were not entirely human or if it was a device to make him seen more removed from "normal". I think he is clearly being manipulated by Samuel, but am waiting to see how that plays out. I am going to be very disappointed if we have another season of Sam being manipulated and played by another form of demon/bad guy. He is supposed to be smart...please don't let him just repeat the same mistakes again.

For now I am happy overall, but just wish I liked the last episode a bit better. I didn't think it was bad, I just didn't love it. And the thing with the show is that I love it so much, I want to love every single second. I know that is unrealistic, but still.

Can't wait for next week!

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Sam was definitely looking good! I mean really, really, really good. Unf.

And I too am enjoying the mystery of the Sam and the Campbells. As much as I want to know right now what the heck is going on, I also don't. I want it to be (somewhat) drawn out and keep me guessing. Personally I think the Campbells are either working for this season's big baddy or they themselves are 'monsters'.

Can it be next Friday already? ;)


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