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On a totally boring and mundane note, I fixed my couch this morning! My demon dog broke two legs off months ago and I have been irritated by the rocking unsteady couch. Also the dog could move it since it was unsteady. She loves to jump on it (or on anything) and slide it around. I tried a few times to fix it, but this morning I succeeded. So working, sit-able, lie-down-able couch and less irritating dog activity. Win! Now if I could only train my dog-or myself with the dog-better, all would be good in pet land.

I am not sure what I think about last night's Supernatural. I was really looking forward to it, I have read the Twilight books (since almost every student I teach has been into them for years now) and the first one was good (remember, I teach 13-14 year olds) but they got progressively worse. I find the movies unwatchable. I cannot stand the male casting, and have found Kristen Stewart so irritating in her omnipresence that I can't watch her either. So making fun of that-awesome. But....

the episode seemed a bit off to me, even though I mostly liked it. I can't figure out exactly what, maybe pacing, maybe tone, just something. There was, as always, a lot I liked. I did enjoy the Twilight references, several made me laugh out loud. Of course I loved the big bad Vamp telling Dean he was pretty. But since when is Dean that easy to bring down in a fight? And how does he completely miss the "huge" guy with a two by four? And how can he single-handedly take down the whole nest? I know it is TV, but they don't usually resort to over the top superhero type activity in a fight, I also assume that is why most was off camera, since it was so unbelievable. It would have hurt the story somehow to have Sam and Samuel show up in time to help kill some vamps?

I have always thought that Dean would somehow scare Lisa and Ben and that would be how he could exit the domestic scene somewhat gracefully. I hope that is the case, although I have been surprisingly OK with how that story has been played so far. I just don't want it to get a lot more air time, I think it usually slows down the narrative. I also find it interesting that they never say "I love you" to each other.

I was finally interested in the Campbells, I like that maybe Samuel has been a red herring. They clearly didn't want to give away that Sam wasn't completely Sam so teasing with the Campbells was a good trick. Still something is up with them, but I don't think they are controlling Sam-but they might have thought they were.

I liked the cure with the flashbacks and was a bit worried they might play with Dean not remembering, so glad they didn't.

Sam. First, I really think that with the Third Man and then this and the preview, they are setting up Sam to have lost or bargained away his soul. I think that the Angels can somehow get it back; it has to be somewhat different than Dean's deal (please). Not sure I want a bunch of episodes just repeating that search for a cure for Sam or a way out of Sam's deal. But if somehow the Alphas are involved, that might be cool. Random thought, but maybe Sam is supposed to get rid of the Alphas to get his soul back? I guess he does want his soul back--maybe not?

I love the way Jared has been hitting Sam out of the park. He has been so good going between almost normal Sam and new maybe evil Sam. He is so interesting as bad Sam. I am so glad he finally has something really interesting to do with his character. And Dean made a super hot vampire.

I am really happy with Season 6 so far. There is lots of interesting stuff going on and they seem to be better at integrating an overall mystery/story into all the episodes so far. Last season seemed inconsistent-like the story stopped and started too much, no flow. So far they have avoided that, IMO. Looking forward to next week, and always hoping for more shirtless Sam, or Dean.


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