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As a public school teacher, I mostly accept all the pressure put on teachers to fix all the ills of society. I am expected to make sure my 13-14-15 year old students get breakfast and lunch every day. I am supposed to notice if they are having trouble with something at home and try and get them help. I am supposed to not tolerate bullying even though the kids are mostly repeating what they learn at home, but I can't offend any parents and expect to be supported by administrators. I am supposed to modify for kids with special needs, like autistic students who yell out every 5 minutes and can at any given time have a melt down that will disrupt learning for the other 28 kids in my room--and I am accountable for that child's test scores as well as the other 28. That is all fine. I am even the sap who has tutorials for kids before and after school without getting paid, just because I want my kids to do well.

Really, I never complain about parents and other stuff. I accept that my job (which I mostly love) as a public school teacher is to teach whoever is in my room and what goes on in my room is up to me, no matter what. I am pretty good at my job. Last year 100% of my kids passed the state standardized test. 61% were commended on said test.

But here is my rant. Name one other profession where employees are expected to be responsible for more and more crap, and are also expected to do anything extra to show improved results (that would be higher achievement for kids) and to take a pay cut to do it. Cause you know, I am so well paid already.

So could all those dirtbags commentators on TV and radio who think that teachers should work longer hours (like I don't already without getting paid for it) by doing tutorials and extra help and seeing parents after hours, and not expect to get paid for any of this. Or get paid less, and not to be allowed to expect reasonable benefits.

I get not wanting taxes, but what the hell do these idiot politicians thing will allow them to compete for jobs in the future when the kids of their states have been taught in classes of 50, with no library, or up to date text books to study, and tutorials done out of the goodness of teachers' hearts?

So face it idiots, you can either pay now or pay later. Personally, I would rather think that when I need a reasonable workforce to pay for my retirement, they won't all be as idiotic as these politicians are now---but I be those jerks scored the hell out of standardized tests!

Date: 3/4/11 06:58 am (UTC)
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I'm working on a Union rant, myself. The GOP is beyond evil.


Date: 3/5/11 03:29 am (UTC)
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Yep. And there is no union power at all here in Texas. But my school district is as bad as the state at dismantling all forward thinking reforms we worked really hard to achieve.

Unfortunately, I have too many years before I can think about retirement.


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