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I have had almost no desire to write about any of the Supernatural episodes this season. I don't think it is about not enjoying them, I still love the show. I particularly thought Jared did a great job with soulless Sam. But for some reason I don't feel the same need to discuss each one like I used to. Huh? Maybe I will feel differently when I re-watch the DVDs. Or when I see Cowboy boys. And I definitely am not ready to say goodbye; I am desperately hoping for Season 7.

I am going to the big gem and jewelry show with my Mom today. Mostly to get her out since she doesn't go out much since my Dad died. But I can usually justify buying something. Except I had to put in a new air conditioner last weekend. That pretty much precludes buying anything for months. I hate those irritating home repair things that never stop or go away.

Man, my life is boring lately. Need to do something about that soon. Suggestions?

Date: 4/16/11 07:25 pm (UTC)
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I haven't even finished LAST season to SPN yet. LOL I've been afraid to watch them, really. Dean turned into some whipped pansy at the end of the other season, and it annoyed me. How is this season though?

My life is boring, but I do say I kind of enjoy it that way. ;)

Date: 4/17/11 04:00 am (UTC)
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Boring can certainly be OK.

I have a hard time deciding how much I like this season. I started off thinking that the overall story-telling was more coherent than last season, but then I think the writing has been pretty hit or miss for a couple of seasons now. I didn't mind the domesticated Dean part, since it was pretty clear early on that he wouldn't choose that over Sam.

I still like the show and am happy when I watch it. And I do think Jared has been good this season. Jensen too, but Jared had the flashier role for the first part. So I am definitely still a fan. FWIW. How's Duke?

Date: 4/17/11 04:36 am (UTC)
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I think I'll try it again, eventually. I think I just got burned out with writing J2, and watching and...THEY WERE NOT ACTING HOW I WANTED THEM TO, DAARNIT! ;) I really REALLY do miss them just doing jobs though. That was so fun!

Duke is an absolute doll. He is so patient with me when I screw up in teaching him Clinton Anderson's stuff. LOL But he forgives me pretty quick. Especially if I have a peppermint or carrot in hand. ;)


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