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No one likely cares, but the Friday Night Lights finale was just about perfect. It made me realize how rare it is that a good show hits its ending exactly right. The show did so many things right. I wish more people had watched it, because it is about so much more than football. But being from Texas, man did they get the football right. It is one of the rare shows that builds a fictional world that would be easily findable in small town Texas. And it was so well written and acted. The finale may have been a bit too happy-endingish, but they earned that right. And the championship game was shot beautifully, as a series of plays with no dialogue at all. And cutting away with the ball in the air...perfect. Tim building his house and his believable but hopeful ending with Tyra, again, perfect. And can I say that the music was unbelievably perfect too. It really was a show that demonstrated TV at its best.

But even loving FNL, I admit I didn't watch it religiously like I do SPN. But it stayed good and true to itself in a way I think SPN has lost. That makes me sad. I wish I had faith that SPN could end on such a high note, and I also own up to not wanting it to end, because even with the flaws that so often disappoint me now, I still love those Winchester boys and want to know more of their story.

As for Harry Potter, I haven't seen the last movie. I am very torn by the movies because I loved the books so much that the movies always disappoint. I like the cast, I think they are well done for the most part. But they just are empty shadows of the books for me. So I never get excited for them and can easily wait for a week or so, and sometimes even for the DVD.

I miss the excitement over a new HP book coming out though. Those I did get in the middle of the night and had to force myself not to read in one setting--just to make them last a little bit longer. And I still miss having a new book to read that I was looking forward to that much.
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