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This week is teacher appreciation week. I appreciate the frappacino's we had this morning at school, and will also like the ice cream sundays the administrators will make us on Friday. But what we really need is a Margarita Machine in the teachers lounge. Really.

I am excited for the last couple of new Supernaturals. I am also worried a bit because I have not, overall, loved this season. I want the finale to be as good as the previous ones. I am also a bit worried because I am going on a trip next week and either have to make my friend stay in and watch the finale in real time (and he already understands that this might be required) or take my laptop so I can watch it that way. No way I can wait till I get home without being totally spoiled. So it better be worth it!

I love to travel, and am going to Chicago (a place I have inexplicably never been) for a long weekend. I am meeting a friend there who has only been once. I need good suggestions for what I absolutely must do while there. I want to be super excited, but alas, family drama is instead just stressing me out. Like waiting for some drastic emergency or something to keep me from going-or worse (selfishly) to make me have to choose staying home or going. Since I love to visit new places (and have been lots of fun and exotic places) and haven't been traveling much the last couple of years I really want to go. And more than that I want to be excited about going-so hear that real life-don't mess with me!


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