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Thanksgiving is a pretty good idea for a holiday, so long as you don't examine too carefully the actual history of the original celebrants. Historically, the Pilgrims (who were really almost all Puritans) had a feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest after a really rough time upon arrival in North America. Over half of the original Pilgrims died and it was only with the help of the Native Americans that they survived and ultimately thrived. So they could, in turn, form narrow minded Puritan societies that persecuted anyone who dared to think or act differently--Freedom of Religion, I think not. And those helpful Native Americans, well, we all know what happened to them.

But I do like the idea of reflecting on what I am thankful for. And there are lots of things I appreciate very much. Like my family. My parents are about to celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary. They are great parents, who taught me acceptance and tolerance by example. My ability to form bonds with the incredibly diverse students I teach is a direct result of this open acceptance of all people no matter their background. They also nurtured my love of learning, especially reading. I could not have had better parents if I had gotten to choose them myself. I only wish they had a bunch of kids (besides me) who could have benefited from their parenting.

I am thankful for finding a calling in life that is so rewarding, no matter all the BS that goes with it. And I do consider teaching a calling, not just a job. It is my gift and I am grateful to have found it.

I have lovely friends, in RL and those I have met through LJ. I also have pets that I love very much--even the Demon Dog who I cannot train to save my life. I can control 150 13-14 year old kids with a look, but one puppy (now a year and a half old) is beyond me.

There are lots of other things too, but those are the ones with the biggest impact on my life.

So I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, whether it is a holiday you celebrate or not.


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