Sep. 12th, 2010

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I am getting excited about the new TV season in general and although there are lots of possible spoilers floating around for Supernatural, I am anxiously waiting for season 6. I am in no way a spoiler-phobe. I am the person who reads the end of a book first. Perhaps because of this, some would say bad habit, I am almost never put off of something I like because of things I hear about it before hand.

That being said, I am surprised that some people are trashing the show before a single episode airs based on these so-called spoilers. I say so-called because a tiny bit of information may look very different when seen in the context of an entire episode or over several episodes. Also, like any good story-I always think of Supernatural as a novel or series of novels-characters have to change to stay interesting. There is always a risk that I might not love the change, but if I love the characters I have to at least give them a chance. I have always admired the show for being willing to have Sam and Dean not be cookie cutter characters and do things I might not like, while still keeping me loyal to them. I think Jensen and Jared have a lot to do with this.

There are a few things that worry me, mostly that the writing was spotty last year and I am afraid that it is not going to get better. And I think that they had serious continuity problems and worry that more changes behind the scenes will add to this problem. It is a problem for a show that has built a mythology that encourages reading of minute details when the writers/showrunners can't seem to bother to be as invested as the fans. But still, none of that makes me less excited to get back together with Sam and Dean.


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