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I am a teacher. One of the supposed job perks is that I get summers off. For some people that means three months, but anyone involved in education anymore surely knows that it is now down to two months--8-9 weeks. But this year I was so desperate for a chance to actually learn something new, since our professional development for the last 5 years has been mind numbingly awful, that I signed up for a week in-service the week after school was out. It was fine, I liked the presenters and so no complaints. No money, but not really complaining--yet.

But back in January I agreed to go to this other thing out of town with a group from my school. So I have to leave tomorrow. And it turns out that I am excited about hanging out with none of them. And the brand new principal is going too. So I keep telling myself this is a chance to get to know him. But I do not want to go.

My Mom is riding up with me, and will stay with my aunt while I am at the hotel with the rest of the gang. It will be good for her to get away, but today she wasn't feeling well. I think she is nervous about the trip--the three hour drive trip. I was with her all afternoon and she seems better, she says she is better and is going.

But of course, now something I don't want to do anyway has also become stressful because I have to worry about my Mom. If she decides she doesn't feel like going, I don't think I can leave her here by herself. But that is serious last minute ditching of the conference. So I have to worry all evening, then will also worry if she goes, about how she is doing with my aunt.

I am hoping that once she gets out of town, she will be excited and not anxious. This sole responsibility stuff really sucks. Not to mention I am giving up 2 out of 8-9 weeks of "summer" to do work stuff for which I am not being paid--why are teachers expected to do that again? Is it because we get paid so much in salary? And for this one, I have to board my dogs, so what was I thinking to agree to this?

Plus side, I got a cool new camera that I can test out on the sights. Maybe that will be entertainment enough.


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