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I still don't know what to say about "You Can't Handle the Truth." My overriding thought as I was watching again was what a great job Jensen and Jared are doing this season. My second thought was how much I was enjoying this season compared to last.
Somewhat incoherent spoilers may follow ) I want my cute, overly attached, and occasionally shirtless Winchesters back soon.
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I loved this episode, and I wasn't sure I would. It just felt right--but was sadly lacking shirtless Sam. It was like the pieces of a machine which had been stalling and sputtering a bit were back to working in perfect sync again. I badly want to give Jensen lots of credit for this, but I just don't know enough about directing an episode of TV to know how much of it was due to him. I thought it was well-written and well acted.
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I think (wild imagination warning) that it looked like Jensen ran a set where everyone was comfortable and having a good time working and it showed in the end product. So Yea! my show seems to be hitting pretty well so far.
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I am not sure what I thought of last night's episode. Things I am sure of: Sam is back to looking hot, very, very hot. Dean finally looked happy, and like Dean!
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Can't wait for next week!
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I am not sure what to think about tonight's episode. I think I loved it. But maybe not. If I was at home I would have started to watch again as soon as it ended, but am vacationing and can't. Maybe itunes tomorrow? I just don't know what to say or think. Can't wait to hear what others thought (enough to pay the ridiculous amount to access the internet from my hotel room).
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 I am not sure what I want to say yet about the "99 Problems" episode.  But I have some reactions based in part on other reviews I have read.  I always get a bit nervous when I have a seemingly different take on things.  I am also attempting to do the cut thing, but am not sure I am doing it correctly...
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I thought that the end was really, really sad.  I don't  totally buy the "real love" with Lisa, but I don't think that was the point.   The writers have been good enough about using her and Ben periodically  as something Dean wishes for when he thinks about what would make him happy that I did not find it unrealistic.  My take has always been that she and Ben were more symbolic than that she was  "the one" for Dean.  I thought that worked with the point the writers were making; Dean letting go of something he always wanted. (part of a test?)

I actually never doubted that Dean could use the stake to kill the Whore of Babylon.  Maybe I am just too stubborn or something but I never believed that Dean lost all faith.  He was hurting too bad to not care.  I struggle with what his faith is, but I always believe he has faith.  I think maybe he has faith in the idea that he can make a difference, that people are worth saving.  I think maybe this has always centered on Sam-and I also don't think he has ever lost all faith in Sam (or that Sam could be saved, or that he could save Sam).  

I think that the angels are manipulating things to try and break Dean the same way the demons did to break Sam.  Sam was relatively easy to break because his anchor was always Dean.  When he lost Dean he had nothing else he cared about and nothing to lose.   Dean is feeling lost and powerless and everything that magnifies those feelings (like the young man killed as he was drinking with Dean and Sam last episode) makes him easier to manipulate.  But unlike when Sam fell under Ruby's spell, Dean still has Sam.  Somehow I think that has to make a difference.  

I also think that Dean has always been a "good servant."  (I struggle with how his breaking in hell fits here, but still believe it)  He could use the stake because he has always done what is "right."  He saves people and makes hard choices and does not take the easy way out.  He puts others first.  He sacrifices so that others can have better lives.  And for me the really important thing is that he keeps doing it when he doubts and questions and feels personally hopeless.  

I am not sure how I feel about Michael.  Clearly the set-up is that the brothers will say yes.  I don't like that outcome (I do try and have faith in the writers though) because I feel like it is so not true to the seasons before and the absoluteness of free will that has so far been presented.  I still don't think it is a done deal that they will agree to be vessels.  I do like the idea of this being a test, just not sure what is being tested?  Dean's faith?  Sam's ability to redeem?   Sam's role as a redemptive character for Dean?  I guess I will have to be patient and keep up my own faith in the show. </lj-cut>
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How much did I love "Dark Side of the Moon?"    It made me really wish they had run it back to back with "My Bloody Valentine,"  much more powerful without the huge break.   I loved lots of things in this episode (one of the best opening scenes ever, why did they spoil it by making it a preview?)  but after my second watching, I was mostly struck with (this may be me way over-thinking, or way behind the times) how I finally see this season as a parallel to last season.  Sam was "played by the demons;  Dean is being "played" by the angels. This idea makes me feel better about this season.  :)  

Just like Sam was manipulated by demons last season, with visions designed to steal his trust in Dean, play on his desperation, and take away his hope; that is what I saw the angels doing with Dean in this episode and, in retrospect, this entire season.   I think maybe the writers (show runners) are trying to be a bit more subtle with this than they were last year with Sam.  Maybe to be more dramatic, but I had found this season somewhat frustrating before this episode.   Now I feel like I have to go back and watch the rest of season 5 with this re-discovered faith in the writers.

I love the use of memories as a manipulation tool.  Memories are almost never accurate because they are made of feeling and emotion that color actual facts; they are perceptions.  They are formed at a moment in time and even when we grow up, the memories of childhood remain as formed by our childish minds.  So Dean's memories of Mom start out very idealized and only as an adult can he see (remember) the fuller picture.  Sam's family memories consist almost entirely of conflict with his father and wanting to escape that situation would be some of his strongest memories, again formed by a more immature mind, and perfect to use to torture Dean.  Sam's perception of family is so clearly different than Dean's.  I actually think that Sam sees Dean somewhat differently than Dean's feeling of "family"  with Sam (not sure that makes sense, am working on it). 

I wasn't really sure what was going on until Pamela.  Before, I was trying explain away Sam's lack of memories including Dean: he had none of the happy home (or maybe not so happy) memories that Dean has and his perception of growing up in conflict with Dad would override the smaller good times with Dean.  But I really think that all memories were Zach manipulations-designed to shake Dean's most core belief and make him desperate enough to say yes.  Because that is what made Sam say yes to Ruby--desperation.  Sam's last hope was Dean and when he lost Dean to hell he had nothing left.  If Dean really believes that "God is the last hope of a desperate man," then Joshua took away his last hope.  They are being played the same way, by the two different sides.   

Two other things.  One, the idea of Sam and Dean being soul mates.  I love that.  I also think it must mean something...maybe that is the way they can save each other?  They have some super special connection that can ultimately help Sam save Dean (or help them save each other) even if he says yes to Michael or they both say yes?   I really like this idea.  May just be me wishing though. ;)  I also loved the look on Sam's face as Dean walked out at the end of the episode.  It was the same ending look on Dean's face at least once, and I think more than once, last season when Sam walked out on him.  

Okay, I guess two more other things ;)   Could the fireworks scene with Dean and young Sam have been any better?  And of course Dean's question that "if this is heaven where is Sam?"  And surely Sam picked up the amulet....


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