Apr. 23rd, 2011 12:57 pm
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Cowboy boys are awesome.

I am from Texas, and there is no way I wasn't going to love this episode. But it makes me so happy that it was totally worth loving. This has to be one of my very favorites. I loved that they had an actual cohesive, meaningful and interesting plot besides just OMG Cowboys! I guess I think that recently they have gotten lazy and fall back on this is a good idea--execution (in writing and directing especially but even sometimes acting) doesn't really matter.

Samuel Colt was awesome. I loved that they guys were so obviously having fun, and although everyone has said this already, it had a definite early seasons feel to it. How can it not be obvious to all involved with the show, although I think Jensen gets it for sure, that the brothers' relationship is what makes the show special?

I know lots of people love Cas, and I used to, but now I feel like there is just nothing interesting for him to do. The angel storyline is not interesting at all to me, although I get that they will likely try to tie it all together with some connection to gathering souls. But for me, it was really obvious last night that except for when he was with the brothers, the angel storyline just slowed the episode and it irritated me that they were wasting time we could have spent with Sam and Dean.

I guess it is what I should expect, the writers and showrunners clearly have trouble with big overarching plot lines. I get that the show is only 42 minutes, but if a season is like a book, then they fail at writing cohesive chapters that are interesting and further the storyline. I don't think they haven't been super successful at it for the last couple of seasons.

Wow, I guess I started thinking about all the things I love about Supernatural since they were there in force last night. And it made me realize how much I miss those parts of the show. I now rarely want to watch an episode again, where I used to always re-watch almost immediately. I still love the show, but I love the Winchesters and now that they are so often not together or aren't getting along or whatever, the plot and writing often isn't enough.

But last night, the cowboys were awesome! Bravo SPN, and especially the guys. Jensen just looked like he was having so much fun it was totally infectious.


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